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Marine Safety Act 2010

Public notice

The City of Ballarat, as the declared waterway manager for Lake Wendouree, hereby gives notice under section 208(2) of the Marine Safety Act 2010 (Vic) that all persons and vessels not registered to take part in the Rowing Victoria Regattas on Lake Wendouree, as detailed in Table 1, are prohibited from entering and remaining in the following waters.

Waters of the whole of Lake Wendouree.

Date Event Time
2 November 2019 RV School Girls and Boys Ballarat Regatta 6am-6pm
18 January 2020 Ballarat Regatta 6am-6pm
1 February 2020  Wendouree Ballarat Regatta 6am-6pm
2 February 2020 Wendouree Ballarat Regatta 6am-6pm
15 February 2020 Head of the School Boys Regatta 6am-6pm
29 February 2020 RV State Championships 6am-6pm
1 March 2020 RV State Championships 6am-6pm

Table 1 – 2020 Regatta Dates


Dated: 21/10/2019

Date of Publication: 
7 November 2019