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Ballarat Strategy prepares for predicted growth

For the past 10 years, the City of Ballarat has undertaken robust planning to prepare our city for this growth.

The population growth is as predicted by Council and is confirmation that our planning to date has been accurate and well timed.

We are managing the growth to ensure the qualities that our community love about Ballarat and surrounds are protected while opening up the city for significant new opportunities.

We are excited to now be in an enviable position where we can go beyond just managing change to proactively shaping the change for our beautiful city.

The Ballarat Strategy is the strategic framework that guides our thinking and planning and has a 20 year horizon.

Council is guided by the Ballarat Strategy which considers all of these elements. When releasing future land for development all aspects of community are interrogated and planned for. Because the City of Ballarat was ahead of the growth in terms of planning, the growth is on target as expected.

Appropriate and robust plans are in place for the population growth and all Council lobbying over the past years has been based on this to support the future needs of our community. From the All waste interchange, BWEZ, the Link Road through to the Waste to Energy plant, recreational facilities upgrades, economic strategy and Bakery Hill Master Plan and the Latrobe Street Sale Yards Master Plan. All are designed to make Ballarat bigger, bolder better.

This population growth is a fantastic story for Ballarat.