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Creswick Road car park

- City of Ballarat spokesperson 

The Creswick Road car park will open the week commencing 23 September. 

The final surface and line-marking still need to be completed to allow the site to be completely operational. Weather and other conditions have impacted on the opening date. 

There have been no additional costs as a result of this delay. The lease costs are commercial in confidence. 

At this point, Council has a three-year lease on the land. Discussions have been held regarding an extension. 

GovHub has principally been an excavation project to date and will translate to a major construction site from September. This is when the principal load for the available car parking in the vicinity of GovHub will escalate and the Creswick Road car park will be open to address this requirement. There has been no significant concerns raised by residents or car park users due to the delay in the opening.