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Enterprise Agreement Vote

The results of the City of Ballarat staff vote on the proposed Enterprise Agreement 2019 are in. The final count was 51% (327 votes) for NO and 49% (310 Votes) for YES.

 The closeness of the vote shows that many staff do understand the need to balance wage growth with job security. Staff also recognise the difficulties the city continues to experience in providing balance and maintaining services to the community in a rate capped environment.

 “Given the option voted on was the best and most balanced offer management could provide at this point, it’s prudent to take the opportunity to find out more from City of Ballarat employees," City of Ballarat CEO, Justine Linley said.

 “While the Enterprise Bargaining Committee will look to re-commence meetings, we will also hear from staff more broadly to understand what aspects of the proposed Agreement did not meet expectations or need.”  

 City of Ballarat intends to set up information sessions for employees, supported by a survey to capture thoughts and ideas to assist in the finalisation of the Agreement.