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Kerbside Recycling Officers engaging with residents

All recycling bins are being collected in Ballarat and no penalty notices are being issued.

The Kerbside Recycling Officers are out ahead of the collections to inspect the contents at the top of bin – they do not rummage through bins.

Their role is educative and to provide an opportunity for residents to have a discussion about their recycling, or to ask any questions.

Council looks forward to further engagement with its community as we work together to reduce the level of contamination in recycling bins, in particular from glass.

If residents are unsure about any item that can go in their recycling bin, they are encouraged to reference resident information received as part of the education campaign, or to follow  the campaign ‘s catchphrase, if in doubt – take it out.

The term soft plastics includes cling wrap, food wrappers, confectionary bags, biscuit trays and packaging, chip bags, frozen food packaging or bread bags.  Take away coffee cups are also not recyclable.

The Recycling in Ballarat is Changing campaign has been supported by a range of collateral delivered to households including resident letters, bin stickers, fridge magnets listing recyclables that can be put in the yellow bin,  an extensive advertising campaign and a website  - recyclingballarat.com

If residents have any questions, they can also contact our waste and environment team at recycling @ballarat.vic.gov.au