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Nature Strip Alteration Policy in place

- City of Ballarat Infrastructure and Environment Director Terry Demeo

The City of Ballarat has had a Nature Strip Alteration Policy in place for a few years to allow residents to alter their nature strips.

This could include raised planter boxes, replacing grass with compacted screenings or a combination, including pavers etc.

The City of Ballarat’s Assets Team control the process via regular inspections, with residents paying a fee of $20 to enable them to modify their nature strip.

Less than 10 permits have been issued under this policy at this stage.

Conditions on the permits include making sure vehicle sight distance isn’t affected, no parking on a modified nature strip, no trees can be planted on a modified nature strip but you can plant low lying shrubs, herb gardens etc, and raised planter boxes have to be off the footpath and set one metre back from the kerb for safety reasons.