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Report missed bins to City of Ballarat

- City of Ballarat Infrastructure and Environment Director Terry Demeo

Could you specify the areas worst affected by the rise in missed bins last year? Route changes were mentioned. Where did these have an impact. Is there an area particularly affected by the 60 missed bins per week?

There are over 45,000 tenements in the City of Ballarat that have garbage, recycling and green waste picked up weekly.

The average of 60 missed bins are generally not in the same area every week but rather spread all over the municipality.

If a driver notices a repeat missed bin, it gets reported to the supervisor for action to limit missed bins from the same household.

Areas where there can be frequent missed bin reports for a short period of time include locations where there are lots of construction work or where a street might be temporarily closed for electricity work, but this varies on a weekly basis too.

All new drivers are  fully inducted and are aware of all the collection routes in Ballarat. In 2018 Ballarat saw a lot of new estates added to the existing driver routes with more to be expected with Ballarat’s growth.

With any change over in staff no matter what job it is, there is some risk of a variation to business.

Again, missed bin locations occur all around the city and can vary depending on the works going on, or the activities occurring, not always driver error.

Council always endeavours to improve business service outcomes but it relies on the residents to place bins out the night before, space them correctly and free of obstacles like trees or vehicles.



A colleague mentioned their bin collection was missed due to a car parking too close. Should they have reported that?

If the bin wasn’t reported by the resident, and wasn’t seen by the driver, then it wouldn’t be included in the statistics. We would encourage any resident who has an issue with their bin to contact the City of Ballarat Customer Service department on 5320 5500.