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Swan safety at Lake Wendouree

- City of Ballarat Director Infrastructure and Environment, Terry Demeo

Ballarat City Council continues to monitor traffic movement around Lake Wendouree to improve access for visitors and motorists and to protect the lake’s wildlife population.

Warning signs and reduced traffic speeds around Lake Wendouree have raised awareness of swans crossing the road at key locations, particularly near the Botanical Gardens and the Loreto College precinct.

Terry Demeo, Director of Infrastructure and Environment said Ballarat motorists were very respectful of the swan population and their tendency to cross Wendouree Parade, with very few reported incidents in the past three years.

Council is also working with Regional Roads Victoria for special traffic treatments to enhance the connectivity between Lake Wendouree and Victoria Park, which are likely to further reduce the risks to the city’s moving swan population.

Speed restrictions and protection for our wildlife is something Council continues to monitor around Lake Wendouree.  Council welcomes any feedback from the community in relation to these issues.