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Ballarat Botanical Gardens selected to join rare plant program

19 March 2019

The Ballarat Botanical Gardens has been selected to join a major state-wide project aimed at preserving Australian native plants.

The Care for the Rare project has been created to safeguard rare and threatened Australian plant species against extinction in the wild.

As part of the project, representatives from BGANZ Vic (Botanic Gardens of Australia and New Zealand - Victoria) will visit the gardens on Wednesday (20/3) to determine which species would be best suited to the gardens.  

This program highlights the important role that all botanical gardens play in plant conservation and empowers local communities to protect plants indigenous to their region.

The new rare Australian plant collection will be a valuable addition to the Ballarat Botanical Gardens, and will complement the gardens’ existing work in the conservation of rare local plants.

The Ballarat Botanical Gardens current conservation projects include the rare   Wombat Bossiaea (Bossiaea vombata), Basalt Peppercress (Lepidium hyssopifolium), Stiff Groundsel (Senecio behrianus).

The Care for the Rare project will also further strengthen ties and sharing of information with Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria.