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Jazz to take centre stage this Ballarat Winter Festival

2 July 2018

Venues across the city will be filled with the sound of jazz as some of the best performers in the music industry take to the stage this Ballarat Winter Festival.

Across six days this July, 11 performances will be held throughout the city as part of the 2018 Jazz Series.

Day 1
Friday 6 July


  • Sam Boon Quartet - Saxophone Legends
    Opulance, 7.30-10.30pm

    The Sam Boon Quartet comprises some of the most sought after session musicians in Melbourne, who have created the ‘Saxophone Giants’ project especially for Ballarat Winter Festival and will see the ensemble explore the repertoire of some of the greatest saxophone players of the 20th century.

Day 2
Saturday 7 July

  • Philias Fogg Trio 
    Ballaarat Mechanics’ Institute, 12.30-3pm

    Join the Philias Fogg Trio for an afternoon of celebration, introspection and reflection, honouring the music of 20th century icon – Duke Ellington
  • Maryborough Traditional Jazz Ensemble 
    Ballaarat Mechanics’ Institute, 3.30-6.30pm

    Well known for their foot tapping and 1920s/30s inspired music, the Maryborough Traditional Jaz Ensemble have a range of styles – including Glenn Miller tunes – they will perform this July.
  • Andy Firth and Rebecca Mendoza 
    Opulance, 7.30-10pm

    Andy Firth, Australian virtuoso clarinet player, teams up with songstress Rebecca Mendoza in concert presenting the music of Benny Goodman and Billie Holiday from the Verve and Decca years. 

    Day 3
    Sunday 8 July

  • Ade Ishs and eMotion Band 
    Art Gallery of Ballarat, 2-4pm

    Influences by other genres of music, including classical, folk and rock, the band presents emotive music that takes listeners on a journey. They will debut at this year’s Ballarat Winter Festival.
  • Paige Duggan Trio
    Craig’s Royal Hotel, 5-7.30pm

    Paige Duggan, Wayne Parker and Barry Deenick will present jazz as an exploration of stories during their performance this Sunday.
  • High Havoc 
    Munsters Arms, 3-6pm

    Expect to hear music from acid jazz outfits such as Corduroy, James Taylor Quartet and Brand New Heavies during High Havoc’s performance at Munsters Arms.

    Day 4
    Friday 27 July

  • Georgia Brooks Swingtet 
    Opulance, 7.30-10pm

    A rising star in the Australian jazz scene, Georgia has assembled some of the finest musicians for her Ballarat performance, including Kym Dillon, Ben Calderazzo, Michelle Scully and Sean Loughran. 

       Day 5
       Saturday 28 July

  • Guitar Heroes 
    Sebastiaans Cafe, 2-5pm

    These talented guitarists will present an afternoon of music and demonstration of how the guitar has been a major influence in the history of jazz and blues.
  • The Jackson Four 
    Miners Tavern, 7.30-10.30pm

    Driven by a strong swing, jazz and New Orleans style rhythm and percussion, and centered around the classic Hammond B3 organ, the Jackson Four’s music is a journey into the where blues and jazz intersect.

    Day 6 
    Sunday 29 July

  • Andrea Keller’s Transients with Julien Wilson and Theo Carbo  
    Ballaarat Mechanics’ Institute - Humffray Room, 2.30-4.30pm

    Lead by multi award-winning improvising pianist and composer, Andrea Keller, Transients will perform original contemporary jazz, as well as compositions from the broader Australian jazz community.

For more information and booking details, visit: jazzseries.com.au

Quotes attributable to Ballarat Mayor Samantha McIntosh:

“What better way to discover Ballarat’s live music scene than by listening to the beautiful sounds of jazz in the range of outstanding live music venues this July.

I can’t think of many better ways to relax and unwind during winter than by exploring our city through sound.

Ballarat will come alive this winter, positioning our city as a creative centre for visitors and driving home our offerings as a live music destination.”