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More long stay parking options for central Ballarat 

6 November 2019

Workers and visitors to the Ballarat Central Business District will have another long stay parking option with the opening of a new car park on Creswick Road. 

The 290‐space Creswick Road car park replaces 275 spaces at the Ballarat GovHub construction site, ensuring workers, residents and visitors can move more easily around the city and within walking distance to the Ballarat Railway Station.

The facility will also provide another option for Ballarat central library users.  

The new car park was funded by the Victorian Government as part of the City of Ballarat’s plan for another 1000 car parks in the Ballarat. 

The car park will operate on a credit card system and is completely digitally friendly with a charge regime of $3 per hour capped at $6.50 per day.