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Road discontinuance

Part of Redan Street, Newington

Section 206 Schedule 10 Clause 3 Local Government Act 1989

Ballarat City Council declares that by this notice it proposes to discontinue part of the road known as Redan Street, Newington, as shown in the marked areas on the plan below. In accordance with section 223 of the Act, written submissions must be received by the Property Department within 28 days of this notice, being close of business on 14 November 2019.

Any person requesting to be heard in support of their written submission is entitled to appear in person or by a person acting on their behalf before a committee of Council, the day, time and place of which will be advised. Any person making a written submission under section 223 of the Act is advised that all submissions and personal information in the submission will be handled by Council in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014.

Following consideration of submissions, if any, Council may resolve to discontinue the road, part of the road, or not to discontinue the road.

Please mail submissions to:

Property Department

PO Box 655

Ballarat 3353

Or email submissions to ballcity [at] ballarat.vic.gov.au   Attention: Property Department

For further information contact on 5320 5500



Date of Publication: 
15 October 2019